Debbie’s day off. I head out with A, J and G. It’s the other side of the valley today. We’re in no big hurry to get out the door as it is day 3, and are tired and yesterday it did not soften up until around noon. It’s a long walk to the top and we end up there at about 11.30, the snow is perfect. We spot a couple of eastish slopes that might be worth skiing but there is ton of terrain over the ridge where the snow is exactly the right consistency. It is definately not challanging but the snow is great. We do 3 runs on that side and it is time to head back. The out run is rolling, long, and the snow is variable consistency but it is fun.

Today it is a lot about survival. It is the third hot day in a row, the wind, sun, fresh air and all day exercise really takes its toll. The first ‘long’ walk is ok and it isn’t too taxing. Each repetative yo yo I can feel the fatigue setting in. After the third run I know it is time to head home yet there is a wall of slope between us and down time. After reaching the bottom we travel along the creek until we can find a route through the cliff. It presents itself and up we go. ┬áB, one of the younger guys we had met up with sets a super track but the slope is westish and the sun is beating down hard. I assend solely on mental energy. My body is tired, the sun is killing me and each step is effort. Didn’t expect to see the lodge but there is the sauna and the pain ends. There is a cold Coke waiting and it has my name on it.

Unless you have been high in the mountains in the winter you probably don’t understand why we push ourselves to such limits, but one trip up to the alpine with 3 meters of snow and I’m quite sure it would become clear.

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