The Underwater World

I am always amazed at the calming effect that diving has.  Once we are into the water, down at depth, I relax and watch.

I love watching the interactions of the fish.  A trumpet fish swimming next to, above, below and around a parrot fish. A squirrel fish seemly guarding a drum fish.  A school of blue tang flowing over the coral, eating.  A small eel poking its head out from under some coral with a fish hanging nearby waiting for leftovers.  Two cleaning shrimp waiting for customers.

The colours are fantastic.  Purple tube sponges. Orange elephant ear sponges.  Bright green sponges. Yellow pencil coral. White and red and yellow and coral christmas tree worms.  Black and white west indian sea eggs. Every colour of the rainbow.

We have seen all sizes, from tiny banded coral shrimp to huge eels and tarpons.

Textures abound underwater.  Smooth, bumpy, razor sharp, wavy.

Your eyes can be fooled.  What looks like a mound of sand, turns into a flounder.  What looks like a tiny string of coral, turns into the feelers of a shrimp.

We have three more dives left and I am already missing the underwater world, all its marvelous creatures and the calming effect they have on me.

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