The Island of Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is a charming island with the friendliest locals we have ever encountered. No matter if we are in a restaurant, at a beach or walking down the road, the locals that we meet are chatty and friendly. They are ready to share a smile and a laugh.

The island has numerous beaches and we have managed to touch down on 5 of them. The sand consists of fine white soft grains. No rocky entrances. Clear aqua blue water. When there are rocks off the shoreline, they harbour small fish that dart in and out of safe holes.

The Baths on Virgin Gorda

T and Debbie at The Baths

One popular beach tourist site / national park is called “The Baths”. Once down on the beach we walk through and amongst large boulders strewn on the waters edge. It is reminiscent of the West Coast Trail. This trail has ladders and boulders and spots where we must walk through water to get to our destination – another beach.

The wildlife on the island consists of semi feral goats and chickens plus geckos, birds and a rat spotted on a trail. We hear that the locals don’t take responsibility for a goat, especially when a goat gets into trouble, until they want to kill and eat said goat. The geckos are numerous and help keep the bug population down.

Virgin GordaFor a small island, the elevation gained while traversing from one end of the island to the other is quite large. Driving is interesting, the hills, both up and down, have very steep grades. The roads are also windy so care must be taken rounding corners. Most of the drivers are cautious and polite but we have encountered a fellow in a black Audi zooming along the main road from Spanish Town to North Sound and fear for those driving at the same time as he is on the road.

There are sail boats plying the waters off Virgin Gorda. They are mostly rentals. The islands are very close together and are sheltered so it is easy for neophyte sailors to navigate. The winds are kind to these tourists. It is also a place for those with copious amounts of money to spend some time. The power yachts moored in this cove or that are very impressive indeed. A 20M boat is a small one, yet is worth more money than the gross national products of some poorer countries.

Virgin GordaThe sunsets are breathtaking. The sun sparkles off the water as it sinks into the sea. The islands in the distance are layered in shades of grey as the light slowly diminishes and night approaches.

Virgin Gorda is a completely lovely island and is a destination worth serious consideration to revisit.

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