The Beach

It is a beach morning! After dropping D off at the Robina Hospital where she will help with a clinic, Murray, M and I find our way to Kirra Beach down at Coolangatta. We park the car and walk towards Snapper Rocks, one of the best surfing destinations in the world. There are surfers plying the curls, which are not too big today.

Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta

A short walk later we are shedding our shorts and T-shirts to tackle the  smaller waves on the beach. The water is cool but not icy and amazingly clear. There are even a few fish under the surface. The sand is smooth and gentle on our feet. The waves, however, are a little intimidating for this prairie girl. M, having played this game for a couple of years now, handily body surfs even the larger waves. I just bob over them like a cork or dive under them like a seal.

The beach along this coast is about 30 km long in a huge arc, but it only becomes reality when I can look across the water and see the towers at Surfers Paradise projecting into the sky.


It was a perfect morning on the beach, walking and playing. Time to pick D up at the hospital and head back to Southport.


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