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Singapore, Indonesia and Japan Photos

I have finally posted photos of our travels through Singapore, Indonesia and Japan in the fall of 2019. To view photos, hover over “Photos” until the drop down menu appears. All three destinations are are under the “Asia” subheading. Hover … Continue reading

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Post live-a-board

Here is some random Indonesian pondering. I mentioned this before but the driving system here is random at best. There is an order and it did not take long to figure out but the free flowing system is not very … Continue reading

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Indonesian Thoughts

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. That is quite noticeable given the number of people about. It seems everyone drives either a motor or a mobil (motorbike or car). Considering the volume of vehicles, traffic moves … Continue reading

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Finding Accommodations

We have a plan, we have flights, all we need now are places to lay our heads at night. When we were figuring out flights, I printed out a calendar for September and October and wrote the flights on the … Continue reading

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