Rockies Mountains, Here We Come

The last time we were in the mountain, it was March, there was snow on the ground and we were cross country skiing.  We are trading our skis for road bikes this time to head to Lake Louise for a Climbing Camp with Velocity Cycling Club.

On the first day, we will be riding from Lake Louise up to Bow Summit and back. The second day we will ride Lake Louise to Johnson Canyon along 1A return. We have been building our mileage up to handle the 70 – 80 km rides. Our fitness is good. I rode hills last night with a couple of friends who are also going. No problemo!

Our friend, R, who is organizing the camp, sent out a list of bike essentials to take.  This got us thinking about which bikes to take.  When riding in the mountain, especially up to a mountain pass, we need to be prepared for any type of weather. Sun, rain, wind, snow. We should probably take our rain pants and jackets, and even a warm layer along on the rides.  If we take our cross (or touring) bikes, we have them geared up to accommodate panniers. Easy to stuff this extra clothing into a pannier. The only downside is the bikes are heavy, and on a long climb may not be so nice.  If we take our road bikes, we will have to either carry packs (not ideal on a road bike) or maybe use the “trunk” Murray has for his bike. I do not think all the rain clothes will fit into the trunk, so we are not that far ahead. I would prefer to take my road bike, but we will see what we decide.

We will be packing lots of riding clothes and gear, for every weather possibility. This is one of those trips that our gear is far outweighs our street clothes.

It will be good to be back in the mountains after a break. I love riding in the mountains as the views seem to ease the pain in my legs while I peddle up all those hills.

Watch for pictures of our weekend!

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