Packing for a Riding Trip

I have added a NEW list under “Packing Lists”! It is all the stuff needed for a (bike) riding trip. This list is good whether you are going on a bike tour, carrying panniers, or a weekend bike trip staying in hotels. It is only the bike portion of the gear. The street clothes or camping gear is listed elsewhere.

This list is all inclusive, so if you are going to a hot hot climate to ride, you may not need the heavy duty rain gear. Locks also may or may not be needed.  We are not taking locks for our climbing camp as our bikes will be stored in our vehicle. Bike boxes are only needed if you are flying.

If you use CO2 cartridges and are flying, remember to remove the cartridge from your bike seat bag as they are not allowed on planes. You will have to buy new ones once at your destination.

Our list is printed out, ready to be checked off as we pack for the mountains.

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