Roatan, 2024

Roatan is a dive destination. Sure, one could go there to an all inclusive resort on the beach at West Bay, but most visitors are divers. There are numerous dive shops on the island and hotels are plentiful. My friend, B, and I are here to dive.

Spotted Eagle Ray

B and I stay at the Grand Bleu, in Sandy Bay, and also dive with their dive shop. The Grand Bleu is owned and operated by Patrice, from Quebec, Canada. It serves mostly French Canadians, but also the occasional English speaker. We are the only 2 English speaking guests during our stay. I must be honest and say that if you do not speak French, you will feel left out of many conversations.

Supper Destination!

There are 8 (or 9) rooms, plainly designed but comfortable. A common kitchen allows for meals cooked in. We opt to eat in for breakfast and lunch and go out for supper. There are only two restaurants within walking distance, which we frequented, and then we make the trip into West End for a number of suppers. We plan a few leftover suppers so our food budget comes in well under the amount we had planned.

Lettuce Leaf Slug

The dive shop is well run and efficient. We get to dive on the south side of the island for two days as the wind came up, which made diving impossible on the north side. The south side isn’t used as much and it showed by how much more wildlife there was.

We see all the usual fish creatures under the waves. Just relaxing, floating and cruising in the water, looking for small shrimps and crabs, fish, eels, lobsters and rays is what I love about scuba diving. I just never know what I will find under the next outcropping or around the next corner. It’s magical.

B and I have a great time diving and exploring Roatan.

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