A Girls Trip to Roatan, Honduras!

When Murray and I returned from our disastrous liveaboard trip in Indonesia where I missed 14 dives, the idea was floated that I should go diving on my own to make up the dives. I rolled that idea around in my head for awhile and then asked my friend, B, whether she wanted to go diving with me. She said YES! and asked if I wanted to go to Roatan and I said YES!

We set about researching places to stay and decided on the Grand Bleu Diving, in Sandy Bay. Sandy Bay is a short 5 minute taxi ride from West End, where Murray and I had stayed before. The folks who own the Coral Paradise Resort, in Bonaire, had suggested the Grand Bleu, as both sets of owners are Canadian. We will be staying and diving with the Grand Bleu.

The hotel has fridges in the rooms and a common area where meals can be prepared, so we are going to eat breakfast and lunch in and then go out for supper. There are only a couple of restaurants within walking distance of the hotel, so we will also travel into West End to eat.

We are now two sleeps away from leaving and I am, of course, mostly packed and ready to go. While packing, I realized that Murray usually carries some of my gear, making my load lighter. For this trip, I have to take everything I need, so my bags are a little fuller and a touch heavier.

It is taking two days to get to Roatan from Edmonton. The flights from Canada and into the Caribbean do not mesh in Houston, so we have to overnight in Houston. This time it is a quick stop there and a trip to the Johnson Space Center is not scheduled.

I’ll post again once we are settled in Roatan. Excited!

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