Posthumous Bowl Reprise

The mornings are getting warmer. Not so good for skiing. Good for morning stability but the snow is getting crustier and crustier. (I haven’t been skiing yet, this is just speculation.) The routine has been set. I’m up first, the others filter down and breakfast prep begins. Today at noon that is all about to change as 5 more are to arrive by helicopter and the cabin will seem crowded to us. CHANGE; oh no!

peak 2

B and I start the day with a climb to one of the peaks. Don’t know the name but we get to the top. On the way up we plan the route down gambling on the quality of snow. The view from the top is long. I have no idea what I am looking at but B tries to ident as many peaks as he can. He says he isn’t 100% on the ident but I can’t possibly refute his thoughts.

peak 3

The ski down is on and off. The top is very weird,  hard as a table top, not so smooth and grabby. I haven’t used edges all year and skiing it is a test.  The little basin we eyed on the way up is smooth and boot top. The rest of the run is sun soaked or wind affected with the occasional bit of perfect snow.

peak 5

The crew arrives at noon – 5 more. B and I are on top of the mountain and watching the chopper land, can’t see who but we know there are 5. When we arrive everybody is settled, we want lunch and they want to go skiing. OK,OK our destination is Posthumous Bowl. The snow is excellent. The folks like it and we do it again. Our home run is through the glades to the valley. YAHOO! The snow is absolutely outstanding. The uptrack back to lodge is steep and mean as it was set by the “locals” that come up to orient us on the use of the cabin gear.

Dinner is prepared by J and is gourmet. Sunny, clear, mild wind, great skiing, delicious food, a banner day.

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