Can’t Quite Get There

granite wall 2

The morning is dull. When the light comes up it’s snowing. Good vision for a skier. Today we’re headed south to a massive granite wall. There is an area where the forest is burned out. We were told the slope at the base of the wall faces north and we think the snow will be drier and could be some really good skiing.

granit wall 1

When we arrive there is a very deep drainage between us and the slope we want to ski. It doesn’t look like we are going to get to the slope. We head down, but the route from where we are is straight down. Cliff like. The snow is poor. We traverse the slope upstream and end on the creek. Man that is a long walk for not what we wanted. This circuit was my idea. B, J, J, and A came along and we all have to accept the fact that it was only a nice walk.

After we reach the meadow at the bottom, we turn up the opposite side of the valley. We know the skiing is good and we do need to make at least a few turns in a day. That’s why I’m here. The uptrack is good and we are at the top in no time. The run down is a gas. Most of the terrain is flat but there are a ton of rollers, the snow is great, very sugary and skiing is so much fun.

To get back to the lodge we use the downtrack we made two days ago. Most of it is a long traverse and it is probably the easiest home run uptrack we have used in the last 4 days. Another epic day, not an epic ski but an epic day none the less.

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