Tired Legs

13 Ami 04 16 45

There is snow on them thar trees. Yesterday it was snowing when I got up but today the snow adheres to the branches of the evergreens trees and it is colder in the cabin. Clouds in the valley but I look forward to a good day.

After yesterday’s walk, today is a ski day. Start the day with no skins. The run starts at the lodge. Drop into the cutblock a few hundred meters below. J, A, J and I get to the bottom with smiles and the day starts out good. I break trail to the top of the ridge. It is not too far but it takes a lot out of me. We take two more runs to the valley and each up takes a little more.

JA below lodge 2

At the end of the third trip we decide to stay in the alpine. J and A go back to the lodge. They want to go back to Posthumous Bowl. Our snow is good, two runs there and we head back to the lodge. It is early, we arrive back about 3. I’m bagged, J is bagged, we had a good day and put a lot of skiing in our legs. Time to relax.

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