Plan B is a GO!

Looks like Plan B is proceeding without too many road blocks. Debbie has sent emails to 4 dive resorts and our contact at the Siren office is working on a proposal for the Volivoli. There were no throw aways on the first perusal of the return emails. Each place has highlights and each place has some detracting qualities.

As expected, the price from the Volivoli came in the highest of the bunch, but it is still less than what it would have cost to sail on the live-a-board yacht. The Volivoli dates available mesh with the dates available at the other resort we chose and all we have to do is find a domestic air flight to the island of Kadavu and we are in.

It is still 5 months away but the hopper flights in Fiji are filling up. There are planes flying on the day we want but the times are limited and the cheap seats are sold out. I don’t think there is a significant difference between seat types on the small plane but if you book early enough you get a deal and we are outside the ‘early’ time.

Another flurry of emails to the two resorts, both can accommodate us on the days we need. An hour or two on the internet and the flights are booked.

It has taken a week but Plan B has been formulated and implemented and it looks like a trip that was quickly made a shambles is back in order.

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