Perfect Diving in Kona

If you are a diver and haven’t been to Kona yet, go. Just go. I am surprised it took us this long to come here. The diving doesn’t get better than this.

On our second dive, within minutes of giant striding into the water, we see two turtles and a spotted eagle ray. And that is only the start. Half way through the dive a pod of dolphins swims by, once, twice, a third time and so close to me that I can see the pattern of their colouring. This is one of those sights that will be engraved in my brain for a long time. It is gorgeous to see these mammals course by.

We do not go deep today. My maximum depth today is 61 feet. Our dive times have stretched to 77 minutes. That is a long time to be under the waves, but it is peaceful and enthralling.

If you are looking for exceptional diving, go to Kona!

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