Packing List Review

I have added items to the “Before Leaving” list that we had added for this trip.  They are:

  • Flights – confirm flights and print boarding passes
  • Ride to Airport – arrange for a ride or taxi to/from airport or use airport parking

Depending where you are flying, boarding passes may or may not be printable. As we were flying through the US, we were not able to print our boarding passes.  We went through the check-in screens anyway to confirm our seat locations.

We often ask family or friends to deliver us to the airport and pick us up.  Our flights on this trip were leaving early in the morning and arriving late at night, so we opted to use a taxi. We sort of forgot about the “park and fly” option, but I am glad we did not do that as it would have made an early morning even earlier and we would have been clearing 15 cm of snow off a vehicle in sandals and socks.

I have added Tank Banger to the “Scuba Diving” packing list. This is a stretchy ring with a hard plastic nob that is pulled and banged on a scuba tank to get your buddy’s attention.

Those are the only changes we made to the lists.  The lists are ready for our next trip. mmmm …… Where to next?

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