Packing for San Salvador, Bahamas – Murray’s Clothes

Murray’s clothing for San Salvador is more straightforward than mine. Men vs women? Not being a slave to fashion? Maybe some of both! Murray’s clothes are basically shorts and T shirts.

Dive Daytime

  • 1 Short sleeved dive shirt (packed)
  • 1 swim suit (packed)
  • Sunhat (wear onto plane)
  • Flip flops (packed)


  • 1 pair of shorts with belt (wearing on plane)
  • 1 lightweight wool T shirt (wearing on plane)


  • 1 pair of shorts (packed)
  • 2 T shirts (packed)

Other Clothes

  • 2 undies (wearing one & one packed)
  • 1 layer for warmth (wearing on plane)
  • Sandals (wearing on plane)

Here are Murray’s clothes for traveling in.

Murray's airplane clothes

Murray’s airplane clothes

Shorts and T shirts. Easy!

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