Packing for San Salvador, Bahamas – Debbie’s Clothes

We are 9 sleeps away from our trip to San Salvador, one of the islands in the Bahamas. We have started to organize our clothes and dive gear and pack our carry on luggage.

In my posts after we came back from Virgin Gorda, I mentioned that I would review the clothes I take to San Salvador as I thought I had too many in Virgin Gorda. I have scrutinized my choices and below is the list of what I am taking. I have divided my clothes into three areas – dive daytime, daytime (not diving) and evening. There are some items that are strictly warm layers for inside airplanes and airports. Here I go:

Dive Daytime

  • 1 Long sleeved dive shirt (rash guard) (wearing on plane)
  • 1 Sarong (available in backpack for warmth on plane)
  • 2 Swimsuits (one packed & one in backpack)
  • Sunhat (carry onto plane)
  • Flip flops (packed)


  • 1 pair of shorts (wearing on plane)
  • 1 lightweight wool T shirt (wearing on plane)


  • 1 skirt (packed)
  • 2 slightly dressier tops (packed)

Other Clothes

  • 1 bra (wearing on plane)
  • 2 undies (wearing one & packing one)
  • 1 pair of socks for warmth (wearing on plane)
  • 1 fuzzie for warmth (wearing on plane)
  • 1 pair of sandals (wearing on plane)
  • 1 sleepshirt (packed)
Clothes to be worn on airplane

Clothes to be worn on airplane

The clothes are packed in the very bottom on my carry on suitcase in between the struts of the handle and stuffed into the foot pockets of my fins. They arrive a little wrinkly but I don’t get too worried about a few creases.

The above doesn’t sound like enough clothes, but I have a nice selection for daytime and evening wear, I will wear everything I pack and with the help of some liquid laundry soap, I will always have clean clothes.

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