We spend our last day chilling on the beach. We go down to the beach closest to where we are staying. The waves are rougher today and the tide is coming in, so swimming is a challenge. Actually, no swimming is done, avoiding getting drowned by the continuous onslaught of waves is about all we can do. Murray tries to body surf but the waves are too hard to read and almost too close together. I just try to not get knocked about too badly.


Barbados is a developed island. It is not gross like some of the islands that have been developed in recent times all in one fell swoop. Barbados has been built up over a couple of hundred years. It has a much more organic feel to it. Maybe not the laid back place that I look for but so much better than the Miami look alikes with the 5 star resort every kilometres kind of aesthetic. I don’t mind this place at all.

The roads are wide enough to drive here. Two cars can pass easily. The drivers seem quite polite. A flash of the lights means “you proceed I’ll hang here till you get by.” There is a rush hour but the cars seem to move and after all this is the Caribbean and who the hell is in a hurry anyway.


The beach OMG, the beaches. They dot the coast for as far as we walked in both directions for our hotel. We would have to rent a car in order to confirm the beaches are like that on the entire south coast or around other shores. White sand beaches with the sand extending into the turquoise water and out into the deep blue. We swim in the Atlantic and it is warm, don’t even have to pause as we enter the water.

There is a bit more low life around but you have to expect that from an urban environment. I don’t feel threatened but one has to be a bit more leary.

Food is pretty international here. You can frequent the tourist places and it is quite expensive but if you look about you can eat reasonably cheap. We have found a couple of places worth a return trip.

We only stayed at one place but there is no shortage of accommodation. There is something to suit every taste and pocketbook.


We are mostly packed up ready to make the trek home. I feel like the only reason we are going home is that we have an airplane ticket. I think I would continue to hop about the Caribbean if I could. See you on the other side.

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