Murray’s Bonaire Clothing

Murray’s Airplane Clothes

  • Golf Shirt
  • Shorts with belt
  • Underwear
  • Sport sandals
  • Warm layer of some sort

These are my ‘respectable’ clothes. I’ll use them as my evening clothes.  When they need cleaning I will wash them at night and let them dry while we are diving. If need be I’ll buy new ones. On a trip to Singapore the night had arrived to go in search of the famous ‘Chili Crab’. The red sauce stains very badly. I had to purchase a pair of pants to complete the trip.

Murray’s Evening Clothes

  • Golf shirt or T shirt

I will alternate between this shirt and the one I wear on the plane and wash when need be.

Murray’s Day Time Clothes

  • Old pair of shorts to wear to shore dive sites
  • Old pair of sandals to wear to shore dive sites
  • Old T shirt for snorkeling and to wear to shore dive sites
  • T shirt for land trips

I will wear the old shorts, old sandals and old T shirt to wear to the shore dive sites. If they get pinched I won’t be heart broken. The T shirt (with a pair of evening shorts) is for any daytime land excursions like a trip to the market, a visit to the salt place or maybe to see the flamingos.

Murray’s Other Clothes

  • Sun hat (a Tilley Hat)
  • Swimsuit
  • Underwear 1 extra pr.
  • 1pr. cycling socks

Most of the day I will be wearing a swimsuit so I do not expect to need too many pairs of underwear. Again, they can dry during the day and if they are a little damp they will dry from body heat very quickly. I do not think I will need socks at all but if I have to wear socks in sandals I prefer the shorter variety.

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