Moving from the Maldives to Bangkok

It is a travel day today. We pack up on the boat, say good bye to our fellow divers and fly east towards Bangkok.

We are staying in the Lub d Hostel, a recommendation from our friends J&R. The Lub d gives excellent instructions on taking the Airport Rail Link and BTS (Bangkok Transit System) to the hostel from the airport. From the time we land, it takes us 1 ½ hours to flow through the airport and arrive unscathed. Tidy little place only 30 or so steps from the skytrain station. It is quite hostel like with lots of young people sitting around on the coffee house deck out front and at the internet stations in the lobby. The decor is stark but just fine with me. Our room is Asian size. Take a standard North American hotel room and take away ½ the area. The furniture, washroom and shower are the same but not as much room to put it in and we are quite comfortable. We really do not need all the space.

Lub d Hostel, Bangkok

Our room at the Lub d Hostel

Requiring dinner, Debbie and I light out down the street. We are not downtown proper but there is much action. It is just 9pm but the streets are still crowded. With the overhead train the stores lining the street are not easily visible so it is hard to get a grasp on what is around and we do not see any eating establishments. I see a sign advertising a food fair type place in a mall on the corner opposite so for efficiency sake we eat there with the idea it will be the last fast food we eat here. We really enjoy Thai food at home and hope we are able to find some good food here.

We have an easy day today not one glitch in the move. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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