Today, we go to Manta Point. The boat ride there is a wild ride. The boat driver does not slow down cresting the large rolling waves and the boat, and its occupants, free fall back onto the water. It takes only one spine jarring thud for me to make sure my weight is on my feet and the bounce taken up by my legs after that. Everyone is holding on tight.

We arrive at the small bay to see about ten other boats in the area. Popular place. As a diver, what this means is we need to keep track of our dive master and group more carefully so as not to accidentally follow another group.

Manta Point, Nusa Penida

We drop down and spy a manta right away. The area is a cleaning station for the mantas. They swim to a particular spot and small fish eat parasites etc off the manta. The manta will hang, unmoving, in the water while the fish do their job. Every once in a while, we see the manta jump as a fish perhaps hurts it.

Manta Point, Lembongan

During the dive we have five or six sightings of mantas, not sure if they are the same ones or different ones. They are such huge majestic creatures that we just stare at them in awe as they glide past.

Moorish Idol, Lembongan
Moorish Idol
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