Mallard Mountain Lodge, Sunday January 1, 2017

Up and at-em. Off to breakfast 6.30 just like the front desk said. We are summarily told ‘we don’t open till 7.00’. The hotel is not winning alot of points this trip.

The heli prelim is as most places but the ride is really long. We arrive late morning and it takes a long time to get it together with unpacking, lunch and all the safety stuff. Man it is cold. The wind is blowing and the snow is affected. We head off for our first ski. The up track was set yesterday so travel is relatively easy and there are spots of reasonable snow but as we walk my poles feel some pretty hard snow.

We start down and the snow is slow because of the cold and you have to be very light. There is a crust a few inches under the new snow but it is not very supportive and if you break through you are doing a header.

One run, freezing cold, tomorrow will bring another day.

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