Mallard Mountain Lodge, First Full Day

Skiing is still sketchy. The wind has stopped but the temperature is still real cold. We have chosen to start early in case we can stay out all day we want to maximize our time out on the snow.

The uptrack is long we are headed over a distant ridge and see if it is sheltered from the wind. We find a pitch that looks promising and point them down. 3 good turns, then under our feet it is crusted. Oops, at least I stay on my feet. Skin up to another somewhat promising slope and try again. This time we get about 10 good turns and into the crust.

By this time we are getting cold. Back to a high point and we should be able to slide back to the lodge. It is the most cautious trip I have ever made down an up track. If I stay in the track I gain huge speed and if I step out the snow is bad and I take a chance on bailing, and I do. Head first, tons snow on bare skin on a very cold day with wind on my face. I’m not happy.

It’s cold, the skiing’s bad, I haven’t eaten lunch and I back at the lodge. The lodge is warm and I made the right choice.

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