Looking in Sponges and Hiding Holes

When diving, I enjoy peering into tube sponges and other hiding holes. I never know what I will find. Will it be a Decorator Crab? A Coral Banded Shrimp? A tiny Gobi? Or will it be empty?

Yellow Arrowline Crab
Yellow Arrowline Crab

The tube sponges are mostly purple, but I find some that are golden orange. They provide a great background for taking pics of wildlife.

Tube Sponge with small I habitant
Tube Sponge with small inhabitant

I also peek into holes in the coral and between rocks. This one held a File Clam, brilliant reddish orange body and light feathery fringe (highly technical word!).

File Clam
File Clam

This was day three of diving and I am already looking forward to day four, so I can peer into more hiding holes.

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