Liquids Bags for Travelling Carry On

One of the most important aspects of traveling with carry on luggage is the liquids. All liquids must fit into a 1 litre ziploc bag and, individually, must be no bigger than 100 ml. This can be quite a challenge.

When small containers of items are not available to purchase, we recant them into smaller sized containers less than 100 ml. We also take into consideration how long we will be gone. A 10 day dive holiday requires less laundry soap than a 5 week trip to SE Asia. We have a selection of different sized generic bottles to use.

liquids 1

Generic bottle with laundry soap, purchased bottle of mask defog and tube of silicone for camera housing

As we pack our First Aid Kit, dive gear and toiletries we set aside the liquids and then pack all the liquids in two ziplocs. We also place the scissors and nail clippers in the ziplocs for easy access in case there are questions at security about them.

liquids 2

Starting on the left: Debbie’s toiletries, Murray’s toiletries, First Aid Kit and the 2 liquids bags


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