Lima, Peru to Santa Cruz, Bolivia

We sight see from our taxi on the way to the airport in Lima to catch our flight to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In the area where gringos are not supposed to tread, we drive through a circular square the size of the Place de la Concorde in Paris, and just as exquisite. On each triangular block that borders the square, there is a pinkish building with grey blue parapets. The facades of these buildings are curved (negative) to match the arc of the square itself. There are 8 to 10 of these buildings surrounding this square with broad avenues in between. Each avenue leading to another plaza farther afield. Oh, it must have been glorious in its day.

Our route takes us through La Paz, just so we can arrive in Santa Cruz during the daytime. All the other flights arrive in the middle of the night! We view La Paz from the plane window and it looks dry and dusty on the outskirts of the city. We do spy the tall buildings and greenery of the downtown in the distance.

Santa Cruz, Boliva

A side street from the main square in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is HOT HOT HOT! Over 30 C, quite unlike Lima. I went from not being warm in Lima to overheating here!

Santa Cruz, Boliva

Building bordering the main square.

It is Sunday and so the main square, across from our hotel, is full of families, youngsters and lovers. There is a locals market beside the great cathedral. Stalls selling hand crafted wares and some plying not so hand crafted goods. We find a cheap chicken supper for $6.00 total for the two of us, then sit in the square with the locals and watch the world go by. There are vendors cruising the square selling popcorn, bubble makers, coffee and neon twirly things. The children are chasing the bubbles that their fathers are blowing. Everyone is enjoying the cooler temps as the evening progresses.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Evening in the square.

We are tired from the early morning, travel and heat, so we retire to our room to blog, drink water and cool off.


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