Last Dives on Malapascua

Our last day of diving and we are the only two diving so we have our own small boat, captain and dive master. This is the life! 


On the first dive we do not see many creatures, but the soft corals are incredible. So healthy, so many different colours and shapes. There is some current today, so the movement of the corals is mesmerizing. I enjoy the “artistry” of the reef as I float in the water.


The second dive amazes us. We swim at 75 feet depth over a mostly sandy bottom. Our dive master is wonderful at finding creatures and he finds four different seahorses, a mimic octopus, two pairs of dragon sea moths, a decorator crab and a mantis shrimp. This is definitely my kind of diving.

Mimic Octopus

I would recommend Malapascua Island to everyone going to the Philippines. Stay and dive at Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort. The staff at both the hotel and dive shop are terrific – hard working and very friendly. 

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