Gato Island

Today we dive at Gato Island, about a 45 minute boat ride from the port. It is a tiny island, with what looks like one inhabitant, or at least, one domicile. A fishing hut perhaps.

The North Wall has otherworldly landscape. The visibility isn’t great, but good enough to find lots of critters. We spy our first seahorse, a couple of pipefish and many nudibranchs.


Our second dive starts out swimming through a tunnel. I am not a big fan of swim throughs and tunnels but I head inside anyway. Not much to see and I am glad when we get to the other side. I like the open water above my head! 


We see another seahorse in a small cave and two Pygmy seahorses on a fan. My camera chops are sparkling today and I manage to get some fantastic shots! (Sorry, but we do not post the really great shots on the blog.) We scour the terrain for interesting finds and end the dive quite amazed at what we saw.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

This afternoon we are going to walk to the other side of the island (remember that the island is only 1 km wide!) to search for a restaurant. If we find it, we will sup there, and if not, we will go back along the beach and eat at a restaurant we came across the other day. We have noticed the entree portions are huge here, so we will probably share something. Will continue when we get back…..

Just back from supper. Our search for the Craic Hotel & Restaurant takes us past an outdoor market, the locals’ cock (as in cock-a-doodle-do) fights, which are legal in the Philippines we are told, down some narrow sketchy alleys to land on the beach right beside the restaurant. Upon asking one server, most folks just walk down the beach walk to get there! We sup there on a crispy chicken burger and fries and chicken adobe with garlic rice. Our return journey is done via the beach walk.

Last day of diving tomorrow. I wonder what we will find?

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