Kona Beaches

We finish our two dives ” early”, around 1:15 pm, so we decide to partake in our second favourite thing on a tropical island. The first being scuba diving, of course. Our second most fav is trying out beaches.

We drive north, past the airport to Mauna Lani Bay, an area of houses, golf course, hotel and other amenities. We fumble our way through half remembered directions and actually end up in the correct parking lot.

There are two paths leading out of the parking lot, one rugged, one not. We take the rugged one and find ourselves on an uneven broken lava path.

After about 100 yards, we intersect a golf cart path which we walk on until we spy the water and what looks to be a small beach. We run across a fairway and onto the rocky path to the beach.

Once in the water, we discover oodles of golf balls laying on the sand and rocks under the water. We dive and dive picking up as many nice ones as we can, stuffing them into our bathing suits. We harvest about 30 white orbs.

Two ladies are teeing off above the beach, so we stop them as they drive by and gift them the balls. They are thrilled and promise to share the ones they do not want. I think we made them very happy!

We trudge back to the parking lot and take the not so rugged PAVED path and find ourselves at beach 49, a black sand beach. Heaven. We go for a dip and it is hard to get out of the water and continue on our quest.

Our next stop is Beach 69, on Old Puako Drive, part of the Hapuna State Park. We take our snorkel gear with us this time to the sand beach and go in search of fish. We see many of the same fish we see when we dive. We have to cut our fun short as I am getting too cold, a side effect of being in the water for the fifth time that day.

We have a successful day snagging three different beaches. And we still have more Kona beaches to discover in the next couple of days.

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