Kelowna Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon – Debbie Does the Sprint

ok debbie, you can do this.  remember you like to do this. kick with my glutes, kick with my glutes, smooth to start, strong to finish. there’s the horn, here we go, water isn’t too bad. go……dive. easy easy not too fast kick with your glutes. breathe breathe there’s the buoy. kick with your glutes. (coughing) ok that wasn’t nice. breathe air NOT water.

there’s the next buoy. mmm a guy swimming in just baggy trunks. just go by him debbie.  kick with your glutes. even strokes.  breathe breathe. get around the buoy.

ach! I can’t see the buoy in the sun. find something above.  the edge of the tower. rinse your goggles. okay that’s much better.  I can see! kick with your glutes, strong strokes breathe.  I can see the bottom.  where’s the sand.  getting closer. getting closer.  should I stand up now? not yet. okay now. jog jog jog.

GO DEBBIE.  There’s only about 6 in front of you!” What? run if you can. can’t get my arm out…there it goes.  straps next… oooof who put that bridge in here.  okay. just past the second tree. bike bike bike.there it is. sit down. wetsuit off socks on shoes on number belt on helmet on glasses on gloves on bike down

there’s the mount line. clip in, go. watch for others. spin spin.  not too hard. woa…passing on the right. better watch out.  there’s the hill. you can do this. steady strong glutes core glutes core glutes core. what? I’m catching a guy in the Male 20-29 age group. just go by him “On your left”. steady steady. almost there. ha!

gear up. pedal pedal. eek..better improve my cornering. go debbie go. oooo that was fast 41 kph. here comes that corner. leave it in the big chain ring.  ooof. maybe not. spin spin.  take a drink now!

GO DEBBIE GO” Oh Mur! whoa watch the corner.  spin hard. go go go okay the hill again. same thing,  steady strong glutes core glutes core. this one hurts more. okay down.  push hard debbie. go go go. small chain ring this time around that corner.  oh that small hill hurts this time.  okay long downhill. spin spin.

there’s the exit chute. steady off the bike.  don’t want to fall over now. one two three SPRINT OLYMPIC turn here. 681 681 681 there’s my towel. bike sit take shoes off put runners on take helmet off put visor on grab gel. go this way to run exit “Thank you”

small steps core core core glutes glutes glutes. okay feels okay. gel get 2 mouthfuls water. where’s Mur.  “THERE”S ONE ABOUT 30 SECONDS IN FRONT OF YOU.  CHASE HER DOWN” okay steady now. core glutes. there’s a rabbit. keep going. oh – use the shortest route.  remember Devon. cut the corners.  there’s another rabbit.

3 km to go.  oh just passed by another Female 50 – 54 grouper.  RATS. can’t keep up.  go go debbie.  2 kms to go.  1 km to go.  pick up your pace abit.  concentrate.  core glutes core core. arms. smooth. there’s Mur.  There’s the finish line.  Can I catch this fellow in front of me.  almost.  DONE! WOW!

Can’t breathe.  Don’t stop walking Debbie.  Where’s Mur? There he is.  Walk to him.  I’m going to cry.  Breathe Debbie.  It’ll go away. “Mur – I can’t breathe.  Gotta keep walking”. “WAY TO GO! You were great!” Okay, I feel better now.  I can breathe again.

WOW, I did good for me.  Swim was fantastic.  Bike was okay for me and another strong run for me. What an experience this was!

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