Kasane, Botswana or Close Encounters of the Warthog Kind

We have a day in Kasane so we head out for a walk to see the town. The first thing we notice is how HOT it is. It is only about 8:30 and it is already searing.

We wander the streets and the children wave and call “o-aa” to us. We think it means Hi or Hello or Goodmorning, but it actually means “white person”! It is not meant to be derogatory, just a saying.

Urban Warthog

Urban Warthog

Down a lane we come across a warthog also out for a stroll. Two dogs spy him and come to investigate. The warthog doesn’t need investigating so he chases them away, all the while Murray and I are trying to get around the trio without become casualties. We are disappointed we didn’t get to see him run away with his tail straight up in the air, Pumba style.

The wild animals, mostly warthogs and sometimes elephants, wander through the village here, from what we can understand, on a regular basis. Much like they do in our Banff or Jasper. No one seems too concerned and as long as we keep a reasonable distance the animals seem OK with it too. Much different from the motherly approach to taking care of tourists in Arusha.

We stop by the Police Station to look at a couple of enormous Baobab trees.

As the tree gets very old, it hollows out in the center, like most trees. These hollows were used as poachers hideouts, prisons, mail drops – all sorts of uses!

The flowers on the tree are large and look like something we should find underwater.

As we walk we notice that there seems to be a middle class in Kasane. There are the small wooden houses with no windows (poorer) and then there are concrete block houses with windows and A/C and TV satellite dishes. We didn’t notice a middle class in Arusha, but most of the houses were behind high security walls, so there could have been. Botswana is a well off country due to its diamond mines. Kasane has a prosperous feel to it, even walking the back streets. Clean, organized, well constructed houses.

Kasane lies beside the Chobe River. On the other side of the river is Namibia. Hippos and Crocodiles live in the river, but we haven’t spotted any yet.

Chobe River

Chobe River

We are starting our 10 day safari to Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta tomorrow. It is a moving tented camp, so we do not think there will be WIFI. We will post as soon as we are back in WIFI territory. Cheers until then!

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  1. Jan Stemo says:

    Hi you two! I have quite enjoyed reading your blog – some of which bring back many beautiful and wonderful memories of my own Safari trips to Kenya, Uganda and South Africa in 2009. Yes, acacia trees, the animals, the friendly people, sunsets, fauna are all amazing with your blogs making the tour so much more interesting with its description, details and information. Good writing guys! Thanks for sharing!
    Pat and I had a pretty good trip trip to the Balkan States… albeit too many people (19) on the tour… It is all something of a blur… but very picturesque with so much history. Tell you more when you return … With swimming and snow to be shovelled, routine brings one quickly back to reality 🙂 Enjoy this next leg, nearing the last of your marvellous journey! Jan

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