The day starts with B and Debbie standing on the lanai and spotting a pod of spinner dolphins swimming by. Not even on the boat yet and the omens are good.

D asks us what we want to see today and Debbie says she needs a good picture of a leaf scorpion fish and wanted to see a spotted coral blenny. First dive and we have covered off both. Neither of which are easy to find but the karma is good and we go with it. Second dive we find a couple more leaf scorpions and another spotted blenny. There are a ton of other fish but these are the highlights.

Leaf Scorpion

Leaf Scorpion

This afternoon we bag another beach. Debbie and I have been to Mauna Kea before but B has to see it. It is one of the nicest beaches on the island. Only thing is it must be accessed across private property so it is up to the man at the front gate as to whether you get in or not. No problem with him and we are in. The beach is big and the sand goes far into the water. There is a good snorkel area near and we make use of it and the sand.

The Hawaiian gods aligned with us today. We have yet to see a tiger shark but the other wishes come true and we will sleep easy tonight.

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