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Like neighbours, you don’t get to choose your dive partners. Today there is max people on the boat so we have to share our dive master with 3 others. It is B’s dive 100 so we are hoping for a good day.

We get in the water and within the first 2 minutes we know the day is going to be trying. The 3 other divers may not be newbies but they are not very good divers and are absolutely lousy at following a dive plan. Before we get in the water D outlines what is going to happen underwater and the behaviour he expects. As we progress D alters the dive plan because the behaviour of our companions is quite frankly endangering the entire group. The renegades’ diving skills are not up to snuff and they can’t follow directions. ┬áThe fortunate part is B, Debbie and I are much better on air consumption than any of the other 3 so we get 1/2 a dive after they are vanquished to the surface.

Frog Fish

Frog Fish

We did however find a few interesting things for B’s 100. The first thing is a frog fish. Orange in color. Really kind of cool. B has not seen too many and has a hard time distinguishing it but Debbie took a lot of pics and B is able to figure it out. B spots a snowflake eel. Really pretty and not that common so worth a minute of inspection. A couple more leaf scorpions are found and best of all for B, D finds a turtle sleeping under a cave so we all have a good look at it, before it wakes up and swims to the surface.


Because of the guys we were with we did not have a good day for finding things. We could not get to the areas where we can find creatures and D had little time to do his magic and make things appear. This has been the worst two dives of the past week. There has to be the worst two but these take the prize hands down. Hope we don’t have the same company the next couple of days.

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