It’s Snowing

We get up and the snow has been falling for a few hours. There is more than enough to fill in our tracks from all the previous days. The ceiling is low so we decide to go to Christmas, the area we skied on Tuesday. We loose our up track about a tenth of the way up, but we have a better sense of where we are headed this time and only have to use the compass 3 or 4 times. Soon we see the little knoll we are looking for and up track right to it. You would think we knew what we were doing.

On the uptrack

On the uptrack

We want to ski south of the lines we did on Tuesday because on the way by last time it looked like some pretty good turns waiting to happen. They are. We are tired from the last 3 days on the slopes so we only manage 3 runs. But they are three outstanding runs. Even though a whole heap of kilo-joules of energy are put in for 3 runs it makes every turn worth it.

Blanket Glacier Lodge

E having a great run

The run back is interesting for me. The light is so flat we really do not know what we are skiing over. Two turns from the top of one of the pitches and I am in the air. Not my normal orientation. Then I am head first in the snow and a double heel release. Snow down my back, goggles around my neck and poles strewn behind me up the hill. Not the most graceful ending to a banner day.

It is still snowing and it does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon. Tomorrow could be good.

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