Short Day

It is the day we have been waiting for – 28cm of new snow. Trouble is, it is only -1 and it is wet. Very wet. Travel will be hard and the only turns to be had will be on very steep slopes.
We have a destination in mind but is a long slog and will take a considerable amount of time and energy. Talking with A, the custodian, he suggests we stay close. There is a run called ‘The Ramp’ visible across the lake and has been skied a lot. It is steep enough to ski today and within ear shot of the lodge.

Travel across the lake is difficult so when we get to the slope we know we are in for a lot of work. It is a steep climb and moving is slow. About 30 M up a couple of the guys want to dig a pit. They do the test and are unhappy with the result so we scrub the mission. 6 maybe 8 turns to the bottom and our ski day is over.

Oh well. We’ve had a good 4 days and we are all pooped anyway.

Heli tomorrow and home.

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