India by the Numbers

22 dogs in Chowrasta Square, Darjeeling at the same time while we took a break there

98 steps up from street level to our room in the Dekeling Hotel, Darjeeling

Rs 25 for a 2 litre bottle of water (55 cents)

6 horses available for rides in Chowrasta Square

1 mountain type bike and bike rider c/w bike kit seen in Darjeeling

Thousands of jeeps for hire as taxis to various destinations

Rs 150 ($3 CDN) for a Half Tandoori Chicken (smaller in size than in Canada)

Rs 300 ($6 CDN) for lunch or supper for 2 people

Rs 300 ($6 CDN) for breakfast for 2 people (Debbie- chicken patty/baked beans, Mur-scrambled eggs/toast!)

Thousands of saris worn by lovely women in a million different colours

Two dead bodies

Hundreds of street people

½ the population of Canada in one city – Kolkata

1 Traditional Andaman Island boat – a dongee

Hundreds and hundreds of electric colored fish

30+ C degrees every day

1 – 4 m salt water croc spotted (not by us) near Ranaganar Beach on Havelock Island

Rs 9 bus ride across Havelock Island to “one of the best beaches in the world”

4 divers in a group with each Anadaman  Bubbles dive master

2 Debbie sized grouper fish on one dive

4 cows grazing on a concrete median in downtown Port Blair

Rs 25 for a 600 ml bottle of Coke!


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