How NOT to Dive

A couple old days ago we are relaxing on our boat eating lunch when the radio comes to life and we hear strained voices. Our ears perk up and one word we do understand is tourniquet. Oh no. Someone is bleeding badly out on the water.

We get the news from our two dive masters later that day. Here is one side of the story……A fellow on another dive boat reached into a hole to see what he could find and found a green moray eel, who promptly was upset at having his space invaded and chomped down on this guy’s hand. Do you blame the eel?


Word has it that this guy had been collecting shells and other items all week and had been told by the dive staff to stop. Apparently, he did not understand the word “stop”.

The initial cost of this stupidity is a mere $3,000 for the emergency flight over to Grand Cayman to the hospital there. We hear he did not have dive insurance so that comes straight out of his pocket.

Today he is wandering around the resort he is staying in with a huge bandage on his hand and a $25,000 hole in his bank account. Ouch! He will also need more surgery once he returns to the states.

The marine park here at Little Cayman has a no touch rule which he was obviously breaking and paid the price for it. Do we feel sorry for him and his stupidity? Hell no!



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