Favourite Creatures

Today has been a day of finding our favourite creatures. T, our dive master, tells us where a sea horse has been spotted on the dive site where we are moored. We all agree that we will spread out and give a real good search for the yellow fellow. We don’t seem to be having any luck and then I look back at Murray and he is waving frantically at me. He signals “picture” and points at B, who is hovering over a spot on the reef. I swim over while he chases down R.

There curled around a sponge is a bright Yellow Sea horse. He is beautiful. I hover around taking four or five shots from different angles. By the time I am done, R and Murray are there. We all make sure we have photos and then realize we are overdue on the boat. What a find!


Murray’s favourite fish is a juvenile spotted drum fish. We have seen quite a few on this trip but it is always exciting when we find another one. I come across two juveniles playing together.


On of my favourite fish is the French angelfish. The yellow, black and white colouring gives the fish such a regal look. They are as large as a platter. They are seem mostly in pairs and are constantly on the move.


It is a grand day on the reef!

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