Houston to Utila

The people of the US sometimes have a bad rap about how friendly they are.  While in Houston, we meet many Americans and not one of them is ill-disposed.  The bus drivers help us with our bus fare and let us off in between stops. The folks at the museums are full of information and are eager to answer our questions. While waiting for the bus we watch a young man, who had to get on his bus, pass a mostly unsmoked cigarette to another young man.  The waiter at Natatchee’s  is not pushy and kibitzes with Murray.  We are refreshed that the stereo typical image is not widespread across the country.

We meet up with our New York friends in San Pedro Sula’s airport. P&V and S&K have brought along T&C and C, H and L. Everyone is delighted to be in Honduras heading towards the water and the fish. We load into a 20 seat turbo prop for the 30 minute flight to the island of Utila. Shirley, from the Deep Blue Resort, is waiting to welcome us. After a short drive and boat ride we arrive at the resort. A paradise catering to divers.

Supper is at 6:30, we sit down to a yummy meal of roast chicken, potatoes and veggies and dessert. The chatter is about diving and getting to know one another.  We turn in early as everyone has been up too long.

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  1. Jane & Randy Murchison says:

    Fun Fun!!!! Love all the posts! Have you seen a sea horse yet?

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