Diving into the Deep Blue

We go into the deep blue today.  We stay on the south side of the island for all three dives. The dives are easy, shallow and no current. In between scouring for banded coral shrimp, sea horses and fascinating fish we scan the blue looking for rays, turtles and the ever elusive whale shark.

A school of Grunts


A crop of Garden eels are sticking out of their holes in the sand waving like tiny reeds in the wind. As we approach they retreat back into their lairs.

Yellow Ray

Yellow Stingray

One of the dive masters spears a lion fish. Further along a moray eel gets an unexpected treat when the dive master offers it the catch of the day. The unfortunate lion fish is not quite dead and manages to swim away twice before it is devoured.

Social Tunicates

Socal Tunicates

A lemon ray is snoozing under a coral head, a grandpa size trumpet fish is cavorting with its friends, a juvenile drum fish is patrolling its bench and a male parrot fish is happily chasing a female. This is life in the deep blue.

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