House Sitters

We are trying something new with this trip.  We have house sitters!

We have some friends whose daughter just got married and the newly wed couple are living with relatives. The newly weds have bought a house and the possession date is just when we come home, so it works out perfectly for them to come live here for the weeks we will be away.

Unfortunately, this has meant more work to get ready to leave as we have been emptying some closets and cupboards so they have space to put their stuff. We also have had to clean the house! DRAT!

The young couple came over last night and we gave them a tour and told them about the idiosyncrasies of our house. I am confident that they will take good care of our house. I am glad that they have a place to be on their own for a few weeks before moving into their own house.

I, of course, made a list of instructions for our house sitters. It describes a few of the idiosyncrasies, like the dishwasher filter needing to be cleaned every few weeks.

I also made a short list of “Please do nots”. Things like no pets in the house, no smoking in the house, no candles, don’t use the fireplace and don’t leave the windows open when not at home. We think these things are obvious, but, sure, they’re obvious to us, but are they obvious to other people?

We also left a couple of phone numbers (Murray’s parents, my sister) just in case something needs repair while we are away.  Hopefully they won’t have to use these phone numbers.

So, with 3 days to go, we are now set with our house sitters.

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