Home Again

Twenty or so hours in transit and an uneventful journey home, just like I like it.

We check two bags on the return journey. We had checked one going to Australia that contained stuff for M&D and a few extra clothes for us. For the trip home, we pack most of our dive gear in that bag plus my roller carry on bag. The only carry on we have are our backpacks and one light roller bag. Don’t tell anyone, but I like not having to deal with a roller bag! Moving about is so much easier. And the bonus, both checked bags arrived in Edmonton at the same time we did!

It is day two at home and we are settling in. Weeding done, laundry done, dive gear almost put away. Murray has started processing photos. Life is quickly getting back to normal.

My head is still buzzing though. When we change day for night, it takes a few days to get the sleep pattern turned around again. It is said that it takes one day for every time zone crossed. Well, we were 18 hours out of sync, so it will take awhile to get our bodies readjusted. In the meantime, naps are allowed.

2013 was the last time we traveled for more than about 10 days. We had traveled on long trips five years in a row, and by the time we got home from Myanmar, Maldives and Bangkok in 2013, I was burnt out. We took a break from long trips and this trip to Australia was the longest since then. I think I am ready to continue to travel on long haul trips as I didn’t feel like I wanted to go home. We were going home because we had plane tickets. And now that I am home, I still feel like I could have stayed away longer. This trip had down time built into it, I think we just have to make sure we always plan for a few days of staying put and not doing to much.

So, where to next?

clown fish

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