Fancy Digs at the Volivoli

As resorts go the Volivoli Beach Resort is pretty posh. Each cabin is separate, with a view to the water. Nothing obstructs our view, not a tree, not a building, not even a beach. We are elevated so the floor of our deck is at tree top level. The sunset is directly off our deck. There are plenty of screened windows at the front and rear of the villa allowing the air to blow through and keeping the temp at quite a livable level.

Everything here seems in good repair. Unusual for a resort close to the ocean in a hot climate where most things are put off until tomorrow. The salt air has way of corroding absolutely everything and any place we have been, expensive or not, has hinges that don’t work properly, taps that leak or light switches that don’t really turn anything off or on. Here it seems if it is in need of repair it gets fixed.


The staff are to a person polite and friendly. They asked our names once when we walked in the first time and each time after we have been greeted by name. There are constantly people coming and going and they manage to remember everybody. Impressive.

Every dive operation is different. They each have their own pet ways of going about things. Something that is very important on one boat is hardly mentioned on another. Ra Divers is no exception. This boat is quite crowded. At least today. I think there are 12 divers, 3 dive masters and the capitan. The briefing is brief but after the dive I figure that it is all that is really needed. I know where we are at all points in the dive and really that is all that is necessary. The boat is easy to get on and off but there is no real protocol as to the who gets off when or when to descend or wait for you buddy or, or, or. So, hang loose, we have done this enough that we make our own plan and make it fit.

Ra divers

Under water we go as one group. Debbie and I are generally slow and end up at the back. One dive master leads and Debbie and I never see him, there is one dive master tail gunning and he has to wait for us and the third guy is out in the blue a bit making sure there are no renegades chasing sharks or the like. All the divers are good so the 3 dive master thing is a bit of overkill in my opinion. Then when we get back on the boat the capitan wants to know our max depth and length of dive. Not sure why, first time I have ever been asked that but like I said every boat is different. I don’t feel the dive op is run at the same exclusive standard as the resort. It is much the same as any dive company and maybe could be a bit more ‘exclusive’.


Overall the first two days at a fancy resort have been very enjoyable. It is chilled, comfortable and quiet even with a raging storm all day yesterday. We are mostly to ourselves which is good and bad. We are starting to meet people but the problem is most of the guests are in one group and it is kind of difficult to break into the tight circle. The boat is an enclosed space so it makes it easier to chat but ½ the conversation is in French and at that point I am lost. I think the diving is going to be good so all the rest is superfluous.

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