We wake up in opulence. Five star.

We walk this morning through Stonetown for the last time and stop at a shop where Murray bought a Coke the other day. The Muslim owner had discounted the Coke 100 TSh as neither had change, so we decided to go buy another Coke today and pay him back for his kindness. He recognized us right away and we sat in his grocery shop while we sipped the Coke.

He tells us the shop is busiest in the mornings and we get a first hand look at why. He sells samosas, chapatis and potato curry and other delights that folks buy for their breakfast or early lunch. It is a constant stream of customers.

The shop owner has a helper who serves the customers and the owner handles the cash. His “till” is a plastic bucket that he keeps close at hand.

We chat and then say our goodbyes and walk along the water for the last time.

We arrive at our hotel in Dar es Salaam, connect to try to check in with British Airways online to find all sorts of weirdness with our booking and flights home. Tomorrow will be an interesting day. We will see you in Canada………sometime!

We go to sleep in plainness. Two star.

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