Edmonton’s River Valley Trails

We are in that long period in between trips.  We ride and swim, do household chores, fix up the house (ugh) and dream of Africa. Not much to blog about. Then I remember that one of our premises for the blog is to write to the world. And the world needs to know about Edmonton.

Edmonton has fantastic river valley trails for walking, biking and running. The paved trails extend for kilometers and kilometers. They run on both sides of the river and go east and west and north and south.

The City of Edmonton has a great map of all the bike trails and routes.

Over the last few weeks, I have ridden the trails a number of times. There are always numerous routes to be taken. You have to be prepared to descend and ascend the river valley at least once, if not multiple times. Some of the hills are steep and some are not so bad. I now know which ones I like to ride up and which ones I actually avoid.

As you ride along, you find yourself in a leafy treed forest one minute and a trendy neighbourhood the next. There are spots along the trails that give a fantastic view of the downtown. Try the south side of the trail west of James McDonald Bridge or along Saskatchewan Drive between 109 St and 99 St or the top of the trail after Dawson Bridge next to McNally High School. Great places for a rest stop!

The trails have a yellow line painted down the center, just like a highway. You should stay to the right of the line at all times, especially on hills and around blind corners. It’s a safety thing as some riders travel very fast on the descent of some hills.

Riders need to have bells on bikes or warn runners/walkers as they are approached. Passing should be done only when it is safe.

There are washrooms on the trails and also the occasional water fountain. Plus the trails are not far away from civilization, so a corner store could be found if an added snack is needed.

If you are visiting Edmonton rent a bike and enjoy our great trails.

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