Edmonton River Valley Running Trails

I wrote about the trails in Edmonton’s river valley from the viewpoint of a bicyclist. Today I write as a runner. There are great trails – both paved and unpaved – all through the valley.

The Running Room has a great website listing various distance runs from a number of locations.  Here is the link:


My favorite runs are through Goldbar Park on a forest path next to the river going from 50 St west to the Goldbar/Rundle foot bridge.  Once across the river, turn right into Rundle Park and find the unpaved path close to the bank top.  Follow the path around to about the tennis courts, turn around and retrace the route.  It feels like running in the forest, not in a large city.

My running partners and I love to run up and down the hills along the north edge of Goldbar Park.  These are also the hills we cross country ski in the winter.  It is amazing how different these trails look between summer and winter.

There are also unpaved paths near the Kinsman Sports Centre that run along the north side of the river into Hawrelak Park.

If unpaved paths are not your idea of a run, then run on the paved paths that I described the other day.  They are well maintained and are great to run on. Just be alert for cyclists!

Running solo, if you are a female, on the unpaved trails has to be up to your comfort level. People are generally safe on these trails. I have a friend that runs them all the time by herself. She says that as long as she sees one other person she feels safe. Other female friends do not run by themselves along these paths. I stick to the paved paths and the more central parks where there is more foot traffic, when by myself.

Grab your runners and head to our fabulous river valley for a run! As my running friend always says “Happy Trails”!


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