Cuba Bound

We are off on our trip to Cuba to go scuba diving that got rescheduled from the spring of 2020. The flight from Edmonton to Toronto was uneventful. Overnighted in Toronto at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Terminal 3. Staying in hotels attached to airports is THE WAY to travel, setting aside the cost, of course. No shuttles. No stress! Just walk (or sometimes take an airport tram) to the hotel.

Today’s flight from Toronto to Santa Clara, the closest airport to the port where our dive liveaboard leaves from, started out uneventful until one of the flight attendants made this announcement, “If there are any medical professionals on board, please make yourself known to the flight crew.” Oh boy. We may be landing in the US somewhere. Luckily the issue was resolved without us having to touch down. There were no more surprises.

We knew we had to bargain with the taxi driver and Murray did a good job. They agreed on $25 Cdn to take us to our small local hotel (hostal). Guy drove like a crazy person as he probably wanted to rush back to the airport to pick up another fare. After we got to the hostal, Murray gave him the $25 and he, of course, said “No, $30!”. Murray said, “No, $25!” We had already made our way into the hostal entrance, so Murray just shut the door on him! That was a smooth move Mur! The owner of the hostal then tells us he hired the same taxi driver to take some guests somewhere and to make a stop along the way, and the fellow took them but wouldn’t make the stop, so he has had trouble with the him too!

The hostal we are staying at is the Casa Mercy Modern, a sister hostal to the Casa Mercy 1938. The Modern is run by two lovely people, Omelio and Mercy. The 1938 is run by their daughter Isel.If you would like to book directly with them, they can be contacted through facebook. It is very B&B like. There are two rooms on the second floor, along with two bathrooms and a roof top patio. Omelio and Mercy live downstairs, where breakfast will be served.

Sitting on the bed typing, I hear the traffic going by outside. Motorcycles, cars, pedestrians and horse drawn carriages! Horses!

Tomorrow we will go exploring!

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