Coyote Pups, Pelicans and Two 50 km Rides

Yesterday, after our walk in Dinosaur Provincial Park, we drove into Brooks to buy gas. On the way I spied three puppies in a field. Mur braked, turned the SUV around and we had a closer look. They were coyote pups with no mom around. Cute fellas. Two didn’t like us so close so they headed into some bushes near a barbed wire fence, but the last one was more interested in eating something off the ground. He eventually noticed his litter mates gone and us watching him, so he also trotted into the bushes. What a treat!

Coyote Pup

Just outside of Brooks we saw our first solar field. Row upon row of solar panels. Basking in the sun working on their tan.

Today we both want to ride 50 km. We are traveling home so the plan is for Murray to ride from the campground, turn north on Hwy 876 and go until he reaches 50 km. After he leaves, I hang around for about 45 minutes, then hop in the SUV and chase him down. It took awhile as the wind was cooperating and blowing from the south-east, so was pushing him along. I then leapfrogged with him until he rode just over 50 km.

Then it was my turn. I take off as soon as Murray catches his breath. The wind is definitely a help. Pushing a large gear on those sections that are slightly downhill and with the wind. WHEEEEE! I say Hello to all the horses and cows I see in fields. I spot one little calf as I pass and I realize he is on my side of the barbed wire fence and his Mom is on the proper side of the fence. He did not look happy, and I am sure his Mom was not happy either. Poor guy.

Murray leap frogs me, but keeps a little closer to me as per my request. After one of the last leaps, he goes to start the SUV and it doesn’t start. OH-OH. Now what does he do! He flags down a friendly motorist driving a truck and pulling a trailer, explains that the starter might be shot and could they drive ahead and find me and ask me to turn around and ride back. The fellow suggests that they try boosting our vehicle’s battery first. BRAVO! That worked! So off they both go to find me. Meanwhile, I am approaching km 42 and I know Murray was supposed to meet me at km 40. Where is he? He zooms by, parks and as I pull up to him, the friendly motorist drives by and honks Good Bye. Dodged that one! We intersect Hwy 36, a much busier road at km 46.5 so I pull the plug on my ride. Close enough to 50 for me. A good ride today.

Pelicans Fishing

On our drive back we decide to drive through Hanna, where I lived for a period in the early 1980’s. Just entering the town, we spy a flock of white birds swimming in formation on a large pond. We go investigate and realize they are pelicans swimming in a U shape. The lead birds then paddle inwards to make an O and then all the birds dip their beaks and heads, in unison, into the water to fish. It looks like an exquisite ballet. Another great treat!

Pelicans Fishing

A great few days camping, enjoying the hot weather, spying critters we don’t normally see, checking out the dinosaurs and riding.

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