Copenhagen in the Wind

Bikes in Copenhagen

Bikes in Copenhagen

Murray is on day two of his cold and I am on day five. He is feeling kinda sh**ty and I finally am feeling mostly human again. After checking the weather forecast, we bundle up and head out for a long walk.

The Opera House is our goal and along the way we make a few stops. We hear that we should stop in at the Treasury Building as it is something to see inside.

Treasury, Copenhagen

In the foyer of the Treasury

Treasury, Copenhagen

Gold Buillion

The foyer is stunning. A six story atrium very sparse and futuristic looking. They actually have a block of gold buillion in a case, that we could pick up, or try to. It weighs 12 kg. We both have to try, of course! Never touched a chuck of gold before!

By the time we walk to the Opera House, the wind is gusting to its forecasted 60 kph and is almost blowing us away. We are disappointed when we realize the building is closed.

Opera House, Copenhagen

Opera House

We wander slowly back to the hotel, stopping for a quick sushi lunch. Murray is losing power and needs to lay down. I find my little prize to take home – one coaster (for my bedside tea cup) of some funny looking Vikings created by Ib Antoni, a well known Danish illustrator.

We have to repack our three bags, not the bike bags thankfully, and we are set to journey home. Tonight we will go for pizza and ice cream, which is appropriate as we were doing Denmark by pizza mostly when we were cycle touring, so we might as well end with pizza. See you on the other side.



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