Back in Copenhagen

We take a risk and fly Easyjet from Berlin to Copenhagen. Airfare was about $70. Amazingly, everything goes very smoothly, from the train ride to bus to airport, to clearing security to boarding and landing. We are diligent with their one carry-on bag policy, but noticed that there are people with two bags and folks with larger bags that had trouble fitting in the overhead bin. Based on our experience today, I would fly them again.

One comment we made after getting here is that we like the bike system here better than in Berlin. There are rules here. Bikes on the bike paths, not on the sidewalks. Cars yield to bikes and bikes yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. In Berlin, the bikes were everywhere, on the road, on the bike paths and on the sidewalk. They would zoom by us very closely and scare us most of the time. It is more organized here and predictable.

Speaking of bikes. I am glad to say that our bike bags, complete with bikes inside and a jar of peanut butter, and one suitcase we left in the luggage room at the hotel, were still here and intact.

We shop this afternoon! ¬†Danish design is fantastic and I love looking at the kitchen stuff – streamlined, bright colours, elegant. I always like to pick up a scarf or earrings for myself on our trips, but I cannot find anything that says to me “I must come home with you!”

We have tomorrow in Copenhagen also so we will take in a couple of sites we missed when we were here two weeks ago. And maybe I will find a treasure to bring back as my own.

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